Letterman with Community Builder integration Print

Soeren, the author of Letterman, has implemented this hack in the official release and developed it even further. I suggest that you try the official release first! This hack was made because I needed it personally.

I have hacked the Letterman newsletter component so it integrates with Community Builder. I have not created the Letterman Newsletter Component. The credit goes to Soeren Eberhardt !

With this hack you can use Letterman just as you normally would, but you can also send out newsletters based on custom fields in Community Builder.

Furthermore, I have applied two other changes:

  1. You can send a test version of the newsletter to a test recipient. Useful if you want to make sure it looks allright!
  2. You can now choose whether or not to embed images. If you are sending 1000 newsletters with a lot of graphics, you can save very much time and bandwidth by linking to the images instead of embedding them. On the downside is that if you later remove the images from the server, the newsletter will look bad! If you embed images instead, the newsletter will look the same always.
Last Updated ( Monday, 06 November 2006 )