Optool is now PostcardWare!

Hey what? It is not free anymore???
Yes, almost. From version 2.1 I have decided to make Optool PostcardWare! What this means is that if you like Optool and decide to keep it, I will very much (please!) appreciate a real paper mail postcard from you! Especially a postcard that is typical for your place, region or city: a beautiful mountain scenery, a local animal, a historical building etc. Or it can be a funny postcard!

See a definition of postcardware

So why would I care about a postcard from you?
Simply because it shows that you appreciate the software enough to go and buy a postcard, write a few lines, put a stamp on and go to the mail box with it.

Why would you care about it?
Because the more people who really appreciate Optool, the greater is my urge to continue working on and improving Optool. Think about it: perhaps your postcard is the very one that makes me decide to implement feature X!

Are there any direct benefits of sending me a postcard?
Yes. Even though Optool in its basic version will never require monetary payment, I have thought about making an "Optool Pro" version with more advanced features. In that case the Pro version will be shareware, but by sending me a postcard you are entitled to a free upgrade when the time comes! Of course, that also applies to those wishing to make a donation. Don't forget to write your email address in the postcard.

Send the postcard to:

Martin Larsen
Eskeboel Alle 23
DK-2770 Kastrup

You can also support Optool by making donations!
If you really like the program and wish to support further development, you are welcome to make a donation! If so, select the amount you wish to donate below and click "Donate!".

Any amount over $1 is acceptable - you decide!
Why over $1? Because the total fee amounts to nearly $1, so donating less would actually cost me money!


Optool is mirrored on several download sites. To make sure you always get the latest version, download from Optool's own site!

Ok, enough talk! Get Optool 2.12 now...
Download Optool 2.12

In case you have problems with 2.1, here are some older version:

Optool 2.0a
Optool 1.2 beta
Optool 1.1

Note that these older versions may not be compatible with newer browsers.


Save the setup file somewhere on your hard disk and run it. As default the program will install itself in <program files>\Optool but you can change the location if you prefer another location. Optool will optionally put a shortcut in the Program Menu and the Start folder (for auto-starting with Windows - recommended!)

Upgrading from previous versions

When upgrading to Optool 2.12 you should uninstall the old version first or at least delete the file optool.dll which contained a bug. Please note that if you install Optool, you must enter you preferred settings again.

Removing Optool

Use the Install/Remove Programs in the Control Panel. Or run Optool with the -u command line switch.

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Last Updated ( Thursday, 11 May 2006 )