Known problems and issues

Sometimes the menu items will be "shuffled"

This is a bug in the underlying software used for developing Optool. It is quite rare and it goes away by itself after a while. If you can't wait, just restart Optool. The menu works perfectly even when shuffled!

Sometimes Optool hang for quite a while, then the menu appears

This is a problem with the DDE engine in some of the browsers. When Optool asks them about the current URL, they sometimes aren't polite enough to answer within a reasonable time. As an experiment, try to close the browsers one by one. If Optool suddenly appears, you have most likely found the culprit! I am looking for a workaround for this problem.

Optool makes certain applications crash

Please download Optool 2.12 where the problem should be solved.

Optool 2.1 caused certain applications to crash randomly. Programs that I know of with this problem are:
  • VMWare
  • iTunes
  • Gimp
  • GetRight
The problem was caused by a bug in the compiler. The file optool.dll is now compiled with a newer version.
This should be solved in version 2.12.

Optool crashes under Windows 95 and 98

The long right click feature is currently not compatible with Windows 9x. Please download Optool 2.12 where long right clicks are automatically disabled in Win9x.

More problems? Please let me know! Send an email to This email address is being protected from spam bots, you need Javascript enabled to view it .

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Last Updated ( Wednesday, 19 October 2005 )