Marlar's Joomla plugins - Taking back control!

When I was first introduced to Mambo (the predecessor of Joomla) I was quite impressed with all the possibilities and amount of flexibility it offered. However, when I digged somewhat deeper into it, I soon came to realize that in reality you don't have much control of the content. Mambo has a simple but more or less sufficient user management system, but you can only decide which pages people are allowed to see, you cannot control individual sections on the pages.

Likewise, if you need to take full control of how a page appears, and consequently enters some html code, you will soon find that the wysiwsyg editors either change or completely eat you html code.

To circumvent such kinds of problems I have created some very useful mambots which you are welcome to try out and download.

The plugins might or might not work in Mambo, but they are not tested.

Item Title Hits
Multithumb image plugin for Joomla 658069
Multithumb for Joomla 1.5 73494
HtmlFix Bot 34525
MosIf Conditional Bot 33281
Moshide Bot 30680
Snippet Plugin 27930
RegistrationBlocker 13606
Mosval bot 8637