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Htmlfix 1.04

Htmlfix has got a cousin!
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New version 1.04!
Hopefully I finally got rid of the line break problem!

Htmlfix now with "safe mode" to ensure that the editor doesn't eat the tags.

Wysiwyg editors are nice as they allow you to enter and edit formatted text much as if you were working in a ordinary word processor. But sometimes you need full control over parts of the document you are editing, either because you want to finetune the result or because you need something the wysiwig editor simply can't do. Enter html and javascript!

The flip side of wysiwyg editors, however, is that they make it very difficult to enter HTML and javascript code manually. Most often they will simply convert the tags to so-called "HTML entities" which are special representations of the characters that look the same but are totally different. For example, the "<" character is converted to "&lt;". The end result is that it is not recognized as HTML code by the browser.

Normally you would have two choices now:

1. Edit the document in "HTML source" mode.
2. Disable the wysiwyg editor all together

The first option sometimes works, sometimes it doesn't. And sometimes it works shortly, but as soon as you edit the document again, you laboriously inserted code is stripped or altered. Often you will have to disable the editor to achieve want you need, but this is also quite tedious.

Let HTMLFIX mambot come into action!

Last Updated ( Wednesday, 15 November 2006 )