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Welcome to Optool 2.12!

optool.pngOptool 2.12 solves a problem with long right clicks causing certain applications to crash.

Optool is a PostcardWare (see the download section!) Windows utility for nearly all browsers that in a snap allows you to view the same web page in other browsers installed on your system. No need for that tiresome cutting and pasting url's anymore - just press your favorite hotkey or use the new and unique long right click feature.

Do you sometimes land on a page that doesn't work in your favorite browser? Or do you want to check your web creation in other browsers? Well, then Optool is for you!

Optool cannot only open different browsers, it can also on your choice close the currently open browsers. No problem if you suddenly find your desktop cluttered with just too many browser windows. Let Optool close the browser windows your don't need! (It can close other kinds of windows too, BTW!)

Need to resize the browser to check the layout you're developing? Well, Optool can do it for you. Just tell Optool which window sizes you need regularly or stick to the four standard screen sizes already built-in.

Do you ever find yourself stuck somewhere deep down a web site with no "home" link? Optool can navigate the browser to the root (home page) or just one level up. It can even go to the domain root (like instead of

Ever needed a internet shortcut on the desktop or somewhere else? Optool can make it from any supported browser!

I have been informed that a bug in Trend Micro's antivirus software causes it to falsely report a virus in Optool. It is probably caused by Optool being compressed with UPX. There is no virus in Optool, but if it bothers you, you can download an uncompressed version.


  • Supports Mozilla, Firefox, Opera, Internet Explorer (even multiple installations), Netcaptor, Netscape
  • You can add custom browsers if that is not enough!
  • Invoke Optool by customizable hotkey, tray icon or long right clicks
  • Quickly switch between your two favorite browsers instead of showing the menu
  • Optionally reponds on url's copied to the clipboard. Nice for url's in text documents
  • Navigate the browser to parent, root or domain root URL
  • Resize current window to any predefined size, including custom sizes
  • Close all browsers, all other browsers or just browser windows related to the one you're working with.
  • Create internet shortcuts on the desktop, favorites folder or where ever you like
  • Good stuff often comes in small packages - Optool is only 112 k!
  • Optool will run on any Windows 32 bit system (95, 98, Me, NT, 2000, XP)
Features in italics: new in Optool 2.1

New stuff in 2.1:

  • Long right clicks
  • Go to domain root
  • Custom window sizes for resizing windows
  • Close all other browsers
  • Close original browser
  • Make target browser same size and position as original
  • More compact and logical menu structure
  • Optionally hide disabled menu items

Improvements and bug fixes:

  • Algorithm for recognizing urls improved
  • Better clipboard handling
  • The popup menu can always be accessed
  • Lots of other bug fixes, improvements and optimizations

New in version 2.12:

  • Problem solved with long right clicks causing certain applications to crash
  • Long right clicks now disabled in Win9x as this feature does not work correctly in these OS
  • Help and about dialogs reorganized

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