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What's in the popup menu?

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This will open the current page in the browser you select from the menu. You can change the menu text from the settings dialog. If the current application is not a browser, or Optool cannot determine the URL, the Open in [browser] menu items will be disabled, and there will be a new item showing "NO VALID URL FOUND - CLICK FOR INFO". Click on the menu item to see a possible cause and solution.

Tip: if you press Ctrl while clicking on one of the "Open in ..." menu items, Optool will close the original browser before opening the new one. see also the option Close original browser in the Settings section.

Go to Parent URL

This will navigate the browser one level up. For example:
  • →
  • →

Go to Root URL

This will navigate the browser to the root (home page). For example:
  • →

Go to Domain Root

This will navigate the browser to the domain root, like:
  • →
  • →

Create Internet Shortcut...

Many browsers store their bookmarks in a single file which is wise, because it makes it much easier to manage the bookmarks. Sometimes I prefer a shortcut on the desktop instead, though, typically if I only need the bookmark temporarily. This helps keeping my bookmark list "lean" (if you can use that word with more than 1000 bookmarks!!!). This menu item allows you to put a shortcut on the desktop, in the favorites collection or where ever you like.

Close Browsers

Sometimes the desktop gets just too crowded with dozens of open browser windows. With the Mozilla browser you can close all the browser windows by simply pressing Ctlr-Q, but for Internet Explorer and other browsers it is not so easy. Optool has four menuitems for closing browser windows:

  • Close all browsers
    This will close all browsers known to Optool, ie. browsers listed in the Settings dialog
  • Close all corresponding windows
    This will close all windows belonging to the current task, eg. all Internet Explorer windows. Other browsers are not affected.
  • Close all other browser windows
    This will keep the current window open but close all the rest.
  • Close all other browser applications
    This differs from the above in that only windows belonging to other browsers are closed. Let's say you have two Firefox windows open plus a number of Internet Explorer and Netscape windows open (and Firefox is in front). After choosing this menu item you will just have the two Firefox windows open.
Even though these menu items are aimed at browsers, they are also useful if you want to close a number of Notepad windows etc!

Resize Window

These menu items will resize the current window to any of the four standard sizes. You can easily add more sizes in the settings dialog. This is new in Optool 2.1. Very useful for web developers who wants to check their layout for different screen sizes!


This will show the help screen as well as information about Optool.


This brings up the Settings dialog where you customize Optool in many ways.

Cancel popup menu (Esc)

This will make the popup menu go away! You can also press Escape or just click anywhere outside the menu.

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